Grooved Rail

grooved rail
Standard: BS EN14811:2006 standard
Material: ASSZ-1/U75V/U71Mn/1100/900A, etc
Size: 59R1, 59R2, 60R1, 60R2
Length: 8-25m

The grooved rail is used in the modern tram tracks. The tram track structure needs to embed the grooved rail into the concrete foundation, and only the rail heads are exposed to the ground and flush with the ground. The wheels of the tram are similar to the T-shape. In order to match the wheels and the rails are horizontal with the road surface. In addition to, because most trams track are not closed systems, they share roads with other vehicles and grooved rail are convenient for other types of vehicles.

Specifications of grooved rails

Size Height(mm) Bottom(mm) Head A (mm) Head B(mm) Channel A(mm) Channel B(mm) Web(mm) Weight(kg/m)
59R1 180 180 113 56 42 15 12 58.97
59R2 180 180 113  55.83 42.52 14.65 12 58.14
60R1 180 180 113  56 36 21 12 60.59
60R2 180 180 113  55.83 36.34 20.83 12 59.75
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